About Fishion

Fishion offers consultancy to all aquaculture chain partners and supports the complete aquaculture chain, from breeding, farming and transporting fish to processing and marketing of fresh fish products. In a changeable market, Fishion believes in production of local fresh fish in a manner that is sustainable, animal friendly, profitable and, most of all, driven by market demand.

Adding value to the aquaculture chain

It is Fishion´s goal to add value to the aquaculture chain by means of research, co-investments and innovative developments. Fishion guides fish farmers and other partners in the aquaculture chain with regard to production planning, data collection start-up, fish feed, water quality control and value chain optimisation.

Besides facilitating organisations in the aquaculture chain to cooperate and exchange their expertise, Fishion is continuously involved in research and development in order to improve the quality of the aquaculture value chain. It offers a challenging working area for employees as well as interns.

Our network

Fishion works with a unique network in the aquaculture sector and has over the years established a long term cooperation with several aquacultural engineering companies such as Viqon and Holland Aqua. Together they have elaborate know-how of design, construction and layout of recirculation fish farm systems as well as years of field experience with many different fish species. Fishion’s services range from process optimisation towards development of new farm operations, in the field of aquaculture as well as water purification.

Fishion is a partner in FoodTechAfrica, is a member of the Dutch Aquaculture Experts association, and has a Joint Venture in Kenya in farming, processing and marketing fish in East Africa.

Our history

Fishion was founded by Jan van Rijsingen MSc, as the aquaculture division of the Van Rijsingen Groep, a Dutch agricultural company that has been involved in farming eel, sturgeon and salmon since 1985. After 2000, the main focus became farming Tilapia, catfish and Claresse®, with an annual output of 5000 Mt of fresh fish. Over the years it became clear that producing fish is only one part of a successful business. Aquaculture can only be a success if the market is well-known, and if all chain partners are cooperative in the national or even global market. Fishion therefore works with a clear demand-driven chain approach.


Founding Royaal BV

Pioneer in intensive farming with RAS technology for (glass) eels


Founding Royaal Smokehouse BV

Fish processing and smokehouse for retail and catering industry


Start cooperative eel farming

Several eel farms were designed and constructed


Establishment NEVEVI

Fishion co-establishes the Dutch fish farmers association


Research growth potential of aquaculture in the Netherlands

Fishion performs research on fish species and culture methods


Founding Fisko International

Chinese joint venture for sturgeon and eel production


Research Tilapia production in the Netherlands

Fishion performs first research on intensive tilapia production in an RAS system


Establishment complete Tilapia supply chain in the Netherlands

Breeding, hatchery, production, logistics, processing, sales, feed, farm systems


Start cooperative Tilapia farming

Fishion designs and constructs large RAS systems (750 t/y)


Market introduction fresh Tilapia fillet

Fresh and certified Tilapia is supplied to European retailers


Establishment Stichting Aquacultuur Zuid Oost Nederland

Fishion creates a foundation for cooperation in the aquaculture value chain


Founding Fishion supply chain for Tilapia and catfish

Fishion breeding, Fishion Aquaculture, Fishion Processing


Research Claresse®

Production research, farm technology and formal registration of Claresse®


Start cooperative Claresse® farming

Fishion starts large scale farming and processing facility for catfish and Claresse®


Fish on demand

Fishion performs research in order to optimise the demand driven aquaculture chain


Food Tech Africa

Fishion becomes partner in the FoodTechAfrica initiative, to improve the aquaculture supply chain in East Africa


Founding Best Fresh Fish Ltd

Fishion starts joint venture for fish production and processing with Kenyan partner

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