Market and product development

A crucial part of Fishion’s demand-driven chain approach is market and product development. Consumers have an increasing demand for sustainable and fresh fish with as little food miles as possible. Fishion has been a pioneer on the European market when it comes to meeting these demands since 1988 (check out our history timeline).

Sales strategy

Fishion helps organisations in the aquaculture industry to optimise their sales strategy and develop new product-market-combinations. See the Fish on Demand Manual. It also brings together producers and buyers. Constant research and development enables Fishion to provide third parties with reliable information about animal welfare, ecological – and health & food safety issues and how to incorporate this information in corporate strategy.

Product development

Fishion assists aquaculture organisations in the implementation of new product-market-combinations. Fishion has vast experience in breeding programs for different fish species, the use of recirculation systems in fish farms and introducing new products to the market. If you wish to introduce a new product to the market, or if you need advice regarding a technological, biological, genetic or economical issue, do not hesitate to contact Fishion via the form below.

Business partner and consultancy

Market and product development is only one part of a thorough, long-term aquaculture strategy. Fishion offers supply chain consultancy and guidance regarding business plans and investment strategy.

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