Aquaculture supply chain consultancy

The history of aquaculture is one of trial and error. Producing healthy and sustainable fish, as challenging as this may be, is merely a part of a successful long-term aquaculture strategy. The scope should be wider. Fish farmers, as well as their chain partners and production targets, should be able to adjust to a changing national, even global market. Setting up aquaculture supply chains for Tilapia in the 1990’s and for Claresse® in the 2000’s lay the foundation for this vision. With over 30 years of experience, Fishion has crucial knowledge of retailers’ and consumers’ demands in the aquaculture sector, and believes that only a market-driven chain approach can be successful.

Process optimisation

Fishion provides valuable advice regarding the optimisation of existing supply chain processes, but is also a valuable partner during the initial development stages of a new project. Besides designing and optimising fish farms, developing breeding programs and providing logistic services, Fishion provides trainings and consultations for farm management optimisation and financial processes in the agricultural sector.

Agri-food network

Fishion is de pivot between farmers, suppliers, consumers, science and government. It takes pride in a transparent cooperation with each of them, but also with possible new partners. The company is always interested in new fields of activity, be it the implementation of her technology in other agricultural or stock-breeding companies or the cultivation of another fish.

Product development and investment

An essential part of Fishion’s aquaculture supply chain approach is product development and sales strategy. Fishion can also be approached as an investment partner for innovative new projects.

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