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Food Tech Africa

Fishion is a partner in the Dutch-African consortium FoodTechAfrica. The aim of FoodTechAfrica is to improve food security in East Africa through the establishment of a fully integrated aquaculture value chain.

Fishion’s role in the consortium is to set up a demand-driven fish farming and processing chain, which includes hatchery, pre-growout, growout, processing, marketing and sales.

Applying Dutch technology and knowledge to the African context, results in a sustainable solution to meet the growing fish demand in Africa, and offers substantial opportunities to improve food security and economic development.

Farm type: Intensive RAS
Fish species: Tilapia and Catfish

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Adding value to the aquaculture chain

Fishion offers consultancy to all aquaculture chain organisations and invests in fish farms, research, innovative developments and quality improvement.
Fishion believes in production of local fresh fish in a manner that is safe, sustainable, animal friendly, profitable and market demand-driven.

Our network

Fishion works with an established network of engineers and consultants in the aquaculture industry. Together they have elaborate know-how of design, construction and layout of recirculation fish farm systems as well as many different fish species.
Fishion is a member of the Dutch Aquaculture Experts association and a partner in FoodTechAfrica, a public-private initiative to improve the aquaculture chain in East Africa.