Partnership and co-investment

Fishion is a serious business partner for innovative (inter)national organisations that wish to produce and market farmed fish. Within the FoodTechAfrica consortium, for example, Fishion contributes to the improvement of¬†food security in East Africa through the establishment of an integrated aquaculture value chain.¬†Fishion’s goal is always to minimalise the distance between producer and consumer by means of an efficient, transparent and cooperative supply chain.

Investment strategy

Fishion can assist starting agricultural entrepreneurs in formulating their corporate plans to financial institutions judging the feasibility of these plans.
Of a farming strategy, only 50% is directly related to the farms hardware. A solid marketing plan, the site selection, decent farm management and cooperation between chain partners determine if the production potential of a farm will be reached for the full 100%. It requires a market demand driven strategy.

Besides looking at the liquidity prognosis and the market outlet, Fishion examines if the planned production capacity is feasible and profitable, and if the investment budget is realistic. Fishion is experienced in formulating grant requests and assists third parties in writing theirs.

Aquaculture consultancy

Fishion has 30 years of experience to offer to companies looking for market and product development in the aquaculture industry, and provides consultancy to all aquaculture supply chain organisations.

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